Color: black purple;
Material: granite coating;
Surface: 5 – layered hybrid and granite coating;
Highness: 9 cm;
Diameter: 32 cm.


Duet to 5 – layered granite coating with perfect non-stick qualities it has high abrasion. Due to the

fire-resistant non-stick granite coating with hard mineral particles it can be used intensively. 32 cm

granite pan is ideal for the cooking of fried and water-containing food. Granite coating is harmless

to the health. These pans don’t wear out. Fire-resistant non-stick granite coating guarantee safety

of health. Due to the coating the oil used in the process of cooking is minimal. The coating don’t

enter into chemical reaction with nutrition products. The thickness of walls is 5 mm. It provides

protection from mechanical strokes and deformation.


WARNING: Use wooden or plastic facilities and wash by hand for the extension of expiry date of
fire-resistant non-stick granite coating.