Power of electric heater: AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz;
Material: 201 Stainless steel;
Operation: mechanical;
Size: 60 cm x 60 cm;
Installation size: 57 cm x 57 cm;
Operation: Rotating switches;
Operation panel: in front;
Number of heaters: 4;
Number of electric heaters: 1;
Number of gas heaters: 3;
Burner: available;
Control gas safety: available;
Length of conductor: 1,5 m.
Color: Silvery.


West cooking panel will be irreplaceable part of your kitchen. You will be able to cook different meals

without break in case of electric and gas are cut off because the cooking panel that we present, works

with both gas and electricity. You can prepare meals unceasingly due to reliable and steady base-plate.

You can begin to cook via automatic burner without delay. The number of buttons is 4 on the cooking panel

over gas: 1 is used for electric, 3 for gas place – off shutdown, – big fire and small fire.
Size of burner:

– Front – left burner – 90 mm;
– Front – right burner – 45 mm;
– Back – left burner – 120 mm;
– Back – right burner – 65 mm.