Material: stainless steel;

Diameter: 28 cm;     

Pot size: 28 x 9 cm / 5 litres;

Layer size: 28 x 8 cm – 3 pieces;

The set includes: a pot, 3 layers, aglass cap.


The material of Dumpling pot 18/10 (304 branded) is stainless steel

consisting of chromium-nickel alloy. Dumpling pot has a bright

polished surface. With ergonomic, heat-resistant stainless steel

handles, you will use the dumpling pot comfortably.  When using

dumpling pot, you can add water into the pot part and boil it, then

put any number of layers and cook your meals. The boiling water

in the pot part evaporates and goes out of the holes in the layers

helping you to cook your meals comfortably. Besides dumplings,

dushbara, you can cook vegetables, meats, fish, and dietic meals

in the dumpling pot as well. By using dumpling pot, you can cook

your meals lean.  Dumpling pot can be used in all types of ovens

(gas, electric, induction and etc.). WARNING: Before the first use,

wash clean with boiling water and dishwashing detergent. Do not

use hard metal tools during cleaning.