Max.Locked motor approx.wattage – 1800 W;

Pressure – 230, 50 Hz;

Reverse system;

2 high quality stainless steel Knives;

3 stainless steel discs: 5 mm (normal) + 5 mm (normal) + 8 mm(large);

A Pusher;

Productivity: 3 kg per minute;

Easy to clean and use;

Color: silver-black;

2 plates for making sausages and kibbeh;

Rubber feet.



Presented meat grinder has special reverse function                   

which is one of the most important functions in the

meat grinders. Reverse function clears all traces

of any waste with the help of reverse action, and

you do not have to clean the grinder separately.

Appliance will cut off power when the current is

over 1.5 times rated current, after around 3 seconds,

press Circuit breaker & Reset to reset, then

press “ON”,  the appliance can continue to work.