Power: 1500 W;
Energy consumption: 230 V/50 Hz;
Volume of mixing bowl made of stainless steel: 6 L;
Speed mode: 6;
Functions: whipping, kneading and mixing;
A transparent bowl lid against dust and splash;
Running period: automatic running for max. 10 minutes, running for a long-time;
LCD display;
Easy to clean;
Colour: silver.


By fulfilling the functions of mixing large quantities of ingredients, whipping and kneading sniff dough

with its 6 litres of stainless bowl, 1500 W of engine power, circular mixing function and specially designed

accessories, West Stand Mixer will help you to do the works in a short period. The bowl made of stainless

steel has a special transparent lid which prevents splashing of ingredient around while the mixer runs at

the fast mode. The mixer has special rubber feet which adhere to the surface of table and prevent sliding

while the mixer runs.