“Səyyar-A” warranties all of the goods sold for one year.”Səyyar-A” warranties all of the goods sold for one year.

General provisions:

If you want your home appliance to serve you for many years, it is important to assign it to a professional home appliance service for its repair or replacement of spare parts. Company “Səyyar-A” warranties all of the products for 1 (one) year or post warranty repair for 6 (six) months!Our company carries out paid repair of products that warranty time have ended.Therefore you can register by calling 928 phone line.Appeal us and let us do our best for the products you have bought products from us, to satisfy you for a long time!Our experience and professionalism have been observed for years and our long-term clients have recommended their acquaintances and friends us as the best service center for West home appliances repair. Specialists of the company “Səyyar-A” service center have great experience in the repair field of household appliances.Success of our specialists is highly exact diagnostics of the equipments and gives vaster opportunities to detect erosion causes of household appliance and to choose repair style.We offer service of our household appliance during the period of service.You do not pay money for appeal in case of damages caused by manufacture’s fault of the equipment and in tiler’sworkhours during the warranty time. The repair is done in the company “Səyyar-A” service center. Tiler who repairs household appliance, has all necessary tools so that releases the holder of household appliance from appropriate additional costs to get household appliance and repairs just on the spot. In the event that it is impossible to repair household appliance at home, this repairs is done in the service center as soon as possible by us. So delivering the household appliance to service center and to address after repair is done free by our vehicle.


Our services:

Repairs of all goods that you have bought from us.
Online appeal for repairs: We also offer the opportunity to you to send request to e-mail of the company “Səyyar-A” Thereby data indicated below are necessary to note: 1. Name, surname, city, street, number of house and apartment; 2. Contact numbers; 3. Series number of contract; 4. To note the problem. All data will be maintained confidentially and used to fulfill your request. In this time you can be asked certain clarifying questions.We use these data as reference during the work with request.We are responsible for keeping your private data. We accepted technical and organizational events to ensure that keeping private data of our clients are applicable for normative legal acts.


Advantages of our service mission:

We carry out repair of household appliance in all regions of Azerbaijan during the warranty period and post-warranty. We guarantee for our services rendered.We repair the household appliance by using spare parts and components produced in the plant.


Our purpose:

We render quicker, more qualitative and reliable service for our clients.We thank you because you confide us, and always will be glad that we co-work with you!

Note: You can get spare parts of goods on sale at a cost from our company.